Tom and I got invited by our neighbour, a Peruvian Shaman called Roger, to come and film an Ayahuasca ceremony for him. It was a humbling experience and we really enjoyed creating this video together.

Tingo María, what a place! A city characterised by the forest clad mountain ranges surrounding it in every direction you look (one of which forms la bella durmiente a huge figure of a slumbering woman as a back drop to the city – breath taking!). Tingo María was Huánuco’s smaller, more relaxed, more natural sister city. We are getting closer to the Amazon Basin and here you can begin to feel it. We got to stay in a proper jungle hut – think rain on a corrugated iron roof vs cicadas vs dogs howling vs roosters crowing all night long.

From exploring forest for the first time in the huge national park, to swimming in waterfalls, picnicking with butterflies, having moments in caves and drinking “Amazonian whiskey” (or “Jungle Juice” as we liked to call it), Tingo María was one non stop adventure with mother nature becoming increasingly more present.  We really loved it here.

Oh and we found our first leaf cutter ant colonies which was special!

Adiós, Tingo María y la bella durmiente <3

Huánuco was an intense 12 hour drive from Lima, we arrived under cover of darkness so mountains appeared dramatically the next morning through our epic hostel window view. Magic.

The food was great (99.5% chicken though) and the locals as patient as ever with our rapidly expanding but hilariously lacking Español. Huánuco was a great hustle bustle of a city and my only regret is not being able to find a way to hike up on to the mountains surrounding it. Maybe next time eh?


Cuevas Lechuzas, Tingo Maria. Recorded on a Zoom H4N Pro, 13:55pm on 07/07/2019.