Yurimaguas and Tarapoto, another two successful hits on our adventurous tour of Peru.

Yurimaguas is a tranquillo amazon river-side city that offers up, for the first time in some time, more home comforts than we’d become accustomed to. Pizza, red wine and the like. Ash and Tom essentials. This city was a welcome relief and here we felt our batteries truly recharging, courtesy of a nifty little hotel we stayed at the very, very top in. It was a ramshackle tower of sorts, a stones throw away from the dirt-strip airport and bustling market streets, and had savagely fast WiFi. Perhaps, oddly enough, the best we’d ever seen? Anyway. Netflix was awesome for just a little while.

Down an hour or two of winding mountain jungle road is Tarapoto. Tarapoto is to us Huanuco meets Tingo Maria, a blend of frenzied street life with omnipresent views of surrounding and epic mountain jungle. Tarapoto is a badass Andean city. Here we met some stunning people and close new friends (Paolo!) and could use the city for easy access to our next volunteering opportunity (a short lived stint trying to help some mountain families run a tourism drive) and, more importantly, access local towns such as Lamas and Chazuta. Both of these places we love so much, the latter containing Tom’s “Most Beautiful Place on Earth” nomination, Tunumtunumba Waterfalls. Don’t expect to find any video or photos of this magical and mystical place though; it’s for visitors eyes only and must be experienced first hand. At least thats what I (Tom) says. Many an adventure was had in and around Tarapoto, not the least our biggest hike yet up to a fabled mirador in Alto Shilcayo Nature Reserve. Hours and hours of vertical climbing in high humidity, attacked by mosquitoes and getting lost. The end result was more than worth it; naked celebrations atop a mountain with a panoramic view of pure, virgin jungle.

13/07/19 to 26/08/19

Huánuco was an intense 12 hour drive from Lima, we arrived under cover of darkness so mountains appeared dramatically the next morning through our epic hostel window view. Magic.

The food was great (99.5% chicken though) and the locals as patient as ever with our rapidly expanding but hilariously lacking Español. Huánuco was a great hustle bustle of a city and my only regret is not being able to find a way to hike up on to the mountains surrounding it. Maybe next time eh?