Although our experience camping in the jungle was immense, we didn’t see as much wildlife as we’d originally hoped (I still hadn’t seen a sloth!). So we returned to Iquitos and decided that we probably could squeeze another smaller tour into our budget if we bargained hard. So we did and it worked and we ended up going with My Amazon Lodge for 3 amazing jam-packed days of wildlife watching with our awesome guide Ruber!

10/09/19 – 12/09/19

Puerto Inca, where everywhere comes with a dog or two! Had to make a compilation of our favourites. Shout out to Pepper, Trevor, Dennis & Daisy, Misty, Knuckles & Betty, Noodle boi, Bruno, Heidi & Schneider, Satan the sink spider, Belinda the chicken, Charlie, Raptros, Sal and more.