Extremely excited doesn’t even cut it at this stage. As of today we have both handed in our notices at work, we have been through a combined ten vaccination injections and the next four weeks are packed full of visits with our family and friends. Let the count down BEGIN! …. 33 days to go.

Amazon-proof? Questionable. Frankenstein’s Monster of a contraption? Correct.

After weighing up the pros and cons of obtaining a DSLR camera for the trip, I’ve instead opted to retrofit my dutiful Huwaei Honor 9 mobile phone with a variety of select components to achieve a much more expedition-friendly deal. Here’s what the aptly nicknamed ‘MegaRig’ is made up of:

The benefits of this setup are;

  • Battery life (to be charged by portable solar panel)
  • Waterproof (…ish…at least moreso than a Canon or suchlike)
  • 64GB internal storage (courtesy of the Honor 9 model)
  • Lightweight and easy to carry. This whole setup can easily fit into a day bag.
  • Discreet. At least inbetween points A and B on an expedition.
  • Improved zoom and macro photography (courtesy of lens kit and a key need of mine!)
  • Collapsible and fun to put together. Looks like the offspring of two Mars rovers.

Looking forward to putting this to the test! Early test results are great and (luckily) punch past the novelty factor.