We have more news. I’m being brave, going solo and ‘following the fun’. The dream is to make money through doing something I enjoy; designing websites. Bring it on!

This decision came after weeks of applications and interviews for Marketing Roles here in Tassie. I was landing interviews and proud of how presented myself to the working world, but after a particularly rough day of job hunting Ash came home to instead find me working on my latest Feral Sites client website.

“How did job hunting go today?”

“Awful. I hate it. I still don’t think I ever want to work in marketing ever again. I’m just working on Daniel’s website to cheer myself up. My heart just isn’t in presenting other people’s ideas anymore.”

Just like that, we recognised what needed to be done. Feral Sites needed to ‘go official’ and become, one day, the main mega-earner for us. Working on websites for people genuinely makes me happy. I love it. Ash found me working on a customers website to ‘cheer myself up’. It doesn’t feel like ‘work’ to me. Let’s do more of that, then?! AWWW YEAHHH!

Ash and I spoke at length about the decision. I’m going to get a part-time job to secure income whilst developing Feral Sites into a powerhouse web design agency. Since I’ll no longer be exhausting my creativity for the benefit of an organisation other than my own, I feel ‘complete’ and like this is absolutely what I need to be doing. The decision has immediately swapped out feelings of apprehension regarding getting back into marketing for powerful notions of pride, ambition and self-belief. Ash of Jequitiba and Felony Sweepstakes have also stood to attention since the decision. This new direction is certainly going to benefit these other children of mine, too. Incredible.

It’s a long way to the top (if you wanna rock and roll), but I believe I have what it takes to launch a successful business. It won’t be easy, especially in such a hotly contested market, but bring it on.

Anyway, I’m gushing. Sorry. I’ll round off this update by saying that progress developing the business has already been amazing. Not the least because Feral Sites is exactly that now… an official business. Registered in Australia on the 11th May 2021. Tom Humphreys is a business owner. Unbelievable. Thank you to everyone who helped get me here, not the least the one and only Ashleigh Carden. Megababe.

Check out my official business listing, yo!

So yeah, watch this space beautiful people. Feral Sites has been unleashed and is on the prowl for new customers.

One second every day of October. Includes Peru, San Francisco and New Zealand! Featuring my beautiful family right at the end <3

Our friend Paulo from Tarapoto showed us Chazuta on an awesome day out visiting one of the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. We knew we wanted to return with more time to explore. We left Lamas and two mototaxi rides, two collectivos and a boat ride later, we had arrived in paradise – Munay Selva in Llucanayacu, sleepy jungle village not far from Chazuta. Jungle streams, hammocks, birds, animals, walks, chocolate factories, great food (thank you Yumi, Vicky and Melissa), great dog (shout out to Luna) and some great new friendships (hi Jordi and Sena!). We loved it here and our only regret is having to leave a week early for Lima to sort out some problems with flights, man, what a sudden jarring to reality that was!

With 4 weeks left in Peru, we decided to split our time between Lamas and Chazuta, two towns local to Tarapoto (and therefore our upcoming 29 hour bus back to Lima). We wanted to spend the last month CHILLING. Lamas was great for this. We had many walks, visited the local Chapawanki waterfall (we hated this because there was a monkey chained up there), checked out Museo Chanka for native history, and were surprised to find an Italian castle was one of the main attractions. We bought local pottery, had pizza two nights in a row and in general tried to take a load off after the intense three months we have had!