Fear not – colossal video updates covering our move to Opossum Bay and my life-changing time working at Westerway Raspberry Farm are on their way. Apologies from us both for the radio silence! It’s been a crazy busy time for us both and all will come to light, but in the meantime we’re overjoyed to share that – finally – TOMMO’S VISA HAS BEEN GRANTED!

Blood, sweat and tears went into the application for this visa. So many of our plans for the future rode on getting approved. This visa allows me to stay in Australia for up to 5 years – an incredible amount of time to continue our wild adventures and empire building escapades. Simply put, I (we) absolutely love it in Tasmania and feel like this could be ‘it’. We feel empowered by our home, prospects and lifestyle. We feel inspired by the mountains, the wilderness and the wildlife. We feel that Tasmania could be our forever home.

… we’re still DEAD SET on an epic return to the UK though. As soon as humanely possible. We talk daily about seeing all of your beautiful faces again – ideally in a pub setting.

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  1. Julia+Humphreys
    Julia+Humphreys says:

    Massive congratulations son ❤️ much deserved, just born to do it! and all this with the most incredible beauty Ash by your side.
    Of course….we do need to see this place that has captured, welcomed, embraced and is infecting you with life 🙏 Ma Xxx


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