Introducing… Ash and Tom’s new campervan and bewilderingly exciting ‘fixer-upper’ project!

We have our own wheeeeeeels! FINALLY! This opens up Tassie (and the mainland) to us in seriously big ways. We’re honestly beside ourselves with excitement.

Further backstory and before/after transformation images and videos to come soon. We have BIGGGGGGG plans for this beast! Much love!!

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  1. kevan+humphreys
    kevan+humphreys says:

    Wow guys, so much “Awesome News” in these updates!!!
    Firstly, congratulations son on your Visa; (very slight) mixed emotions, in that it makes the move to the other side of the world more ‘permanent’. You could have gone to Telford or Tamworth …….. but oh no, had to be Tazmania 🙂
    But we know it’s what you want, so the meet-ups will have to be even more special now!
    Next, the camper van – wow, very you-and-Ash. Can’t wait for the video updates when you get out-and-about now.
    Thirdly, well done on making the ‘marketing decision’ – sure you went through all the pros and cons and will make this work;- the future awaits!!!
    Lastly, Australia and New Zealand are now on the UK Government’s “green” list, which means we are allowed to travel…. but unfortunately the Auz and NZ govs don’t appear to be issuing travel visas for tourists just now 🙁 We’ll keep checking for updates, and I’m sure you’ll let us know as soon as you hear of a status change down there.
    Congrats again on your wonderful news,
    Much Love,

  2. Julia+Humphreys
    Julia+Humphreys says:

    Love this, huge joy, wow, the adventures to be had.
    Oh man, wished I was there…would just love to paint something on it ( leave me a little space!? ) ☺️
    Seriously, this is so good to see…and love the fringe Ash 👌❤️


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