30/11/2019 – 10/12/2019

Auckland > Whatipu > Tawharanui > Uretiti > Opononi > Kai Iwi Lakes > Muriwai > Auckland > Pauanui.

A stunning, relaxing and fabulously fun week and a half showing Tom what NZ is made of. We saw glow worms at Waipu, we tracked kiwis for my 30th, swum with phosphorescence at Tawharanui, checked out the incredible cars at Puhoi pub, spun a proper yarn with locals at Opononi Pub, smelt the intense stench of the Southern Gannets at Muriwai, went swimming bodyboarding, and cliff jumping into rivers, streams and oceans, ate more fish and chips than I care to admit, explored caves, listened to the Tui, and so much more.

The unique New Zealand brand of magic.

A special shout out goes to our friends Liz and Dave who made the trip possible by lending us their van and of course to Theresa for surprising me on my birthday <3

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  1. kev
    kev says:

    Oh my guys! Have missed these updates!
    I know it’s not the Amazon, but this part of NZ looks absolutely amazing (can we meet you there instead when we fly out? just joking).
    Love the idea of touring in the camper van; some of the locations you got to looked superb, and even more incredible in real life I’ll wager. The forests and beaches looked divine, uncluttered, natural …as nature intended, and with minimal human interference. Love the wildlife too, and have to say can almost taste the fish n’ chips.
    Also, have you got any video of playing guitar in that cave?!!!
    Really, really love these images and Ash’s footnotes – takes my mind off a world in lockdown and nature kickin’ our ass at the moment.
    Love you Loads,

    • Tommo
      Tommo says:

      Wheyyy! Glad you enjoyed, Pa 😀

      New Zealand is indeed freakin’ magical, 100%. We had a mind blowing time there and it may just be our future home….

      Much love,
      Tommo x

  2. Mike Cawley
    Mike Cawley says:

    Hi Ash
    Missing you at CRT but good decision, that positive and can do anything attitude.
    Amazing adventures keep it up the pair of you, it reminds us there is a world beyond our lockdown bubbles!
    SCADA Mike

  3. Humphreys
    Humphreys says:

    Beautiful humans…heart is full looking at you two, where you have been and how you embrace it.
    Massive love,
    Ma X


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