In a small win for NZ, Whittakers takes out champion chocolate in the Humphreys-Carden household. Blind tested with a control chocolate (NZ Cadbury bar), Whittakers wins best and most creamy chocolate by far. Ash not surprised.

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  1. kevan humphreys
    kevan humphreys says:

    This can’t be right, I demand a recount, the Russians have influenced this poll …. (and other outrage)!
    There was no numbers on the papers, so they could have been switched around …..
    More chance of the moon landings being authentic than this result ….
    etc. etc.
    (look forward to our own testing when the Whittaker’s arrives 🙂 )

  2. Phil Carden
    Phil Carden says:

    Actually . . . Tom’s brainwashing started long before this test, having been fed with copious quantities of NZ chocolate including one session involving a 1.2 kg x 45 cm tall choc desert (photographic evidence available) plus endless advertising for Whittakers featuring British personalities . . . . he’s clearly developed a taste!

    • admin
      admin says:

      True, that desert was the biggest ice cream based thing I have ever seen. But… I believe it was made out of CRUNCHY BARS. Hmmm maybe we need a bigger and more inclusive chocolate test!


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